About us

Who we are

GRIZZLY airsoft is a group of airsoft loving players, who have more than 15 years of experiences in airsoft game. Our personal experiences keep us motivated to bring something back to the world of airsoft. To create something that every one of us will enjoy, to innovate our replicas, our game.

We are based in Vyškov, Czech republic. You can pay us a visit and see our products with your own eyes. We will gladly show you our products and share some ideas with you.



We started with electronic devices for AEG. Electronics are a common part of our lives nowadays, so it is more than logical that it will take greater and greater part in our replicas as well. And it is worth it, electronics increase their lifetime, lower their wear-out, increase battery life, increase rate of fire and give us - players - more setting options and more confidence. And we are here to help this development.

GRIZZLY airsoft brand was created in the beginning of 2014, when our development was already running. At that time, first prototype of PSJ-M2 was tested. Due demanding testing and many adjustments made, GRIZZLY airsoft was officialy launched in april 2015, after final version was fully tested.


Our goals

Electronics is just the beginning for us. Thanks to our experiences in airsoft, we know that many spare parts can be innovated and many other yet to be invented. That is why we started in the first place. We believe that with our approach and your support, we can make a difference.