Take the advantage of our service centre!


We offer:

  • Professional installation of GRIZZLY PSJ
  • Professional repairs of your replicas
  • Guarantee and customer service
  • Possibility to upgrade your replica
  • Replica upgrades right with purchase
  • Maintenance of your replica
  • Valuable tips for handling the replica as a part of service


Don’t underestimate your enemy or your own preparation! Entrust your replica into the hands of specialist and increase your chances to win!


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Table below shows approximate prices of service, maintenance and upgrades offered at our service centre. Pricelist assumes use of our spare parts. Current prices can be found on website


Approximate service prices*  
Maintenance of manual replica – cleaning, greasing, control of wear 200 CZK
Maintenance of AEG – cleaning, greasing, control of wear and functionality 400 CZK
Replacement of spring in AEG 200 CZK
Replacement of barrel in AEG 200 CZK
Replacement of motor in AEG 150 CZK
Replacement of wiring in AEG (we use silicon wires) 200 CZK
Replacement of connector in AEG/battery  20 CZK
Upgrade with current gearbox 400 - 1000 CZK
Upgrade with installing new gearbox 1000 - 2000 CZK
Hourly work rate 290 CZK/hour

*Prices are only approximate! Final price is based on time spent on the task. Prices exclude parts!