Terms and Conditions

Order cancellation

Order can be cancelled anytime until it's shipped. An email notification about package being shipped is considered as a time of shipping.

In case payment has already been made, funds will be sent back within 7 days after receiving the payment.

Udelivered package

If the buyer isn't present to accept the package, they need to contact the shipping company immediately to arrange new time for delivery. If the buyer fails to accept the package for any reason and the package is sent back, buyer bears the costs associated with shipping the package in full price.

If the order has been paid for, the buyer will be refunded total amount of the products ordered only. 


Package check

The buyer is responsible for checking the package prior to accepting the package from the shipping company. If it's damaged in any way, buyer needs to fill in a complaint form with the shipping company before accepting the package. If it's damaged really badly, buyer can opt to refuse to accept the parcel.

GRIZZLY airsoft cannot quarantee the state in which the package is delivered. However if there are any issues with the delivery, we encourage our customers to inform us anyway. Your feedback helps us to choose the best shipping company to handle your packages.


Missing item

Is there any item missing in your package while the package itself arrived without any damage? 

Please contact us on email address support@grizzlyairsoft.com, so we can resolve the issue immediately.


Item returns

EU residents have the option to return any item within 14 days of receiving the package. In such case, the item has to be unused, packed with all the accessories in its original undamaged package. Buyer covers the costs of shipping the item back to the seller.

If you wish to return any item, please inform us by email to support@grizzlyairsoft.com prior sending the item.


Damage or malfunction

Is there any problem with your order, while the package arrived undamaged? Is any of your items damaged or malfunctioning?

Please contact us on email address support@grizzlyairsoft.com, so we can resolve the issue immediately.


Damage caused by user

Did you accidentaly damage your GRIZZLY electronics? Or your installation didn't work out? 

There is a chance your item may be repaired with costs that are lower than a new item would be. 

Please contact us on email address support@grizzlyairsoft.com with thorough description. We'll suggest the best way to get your replica back to action!

Warranty claims

All our products have legal warranty of 24 months. Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship found in the product. It does not cover wear and tear of the product nor any damages cause by improper use or installation. 

If you wish to make a warranty claim, please inform us by email to support@grizzlyairsoft.com, so we can resolve the issue immediately.